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Mid-Mod & Retro

Vintage Arthur Salm "Silhouette" Ashtray, 1955

Vintage Arthur Salm "Silhouette" Ashtray, 1955

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This ashtray takes stainless steel tableware to the highest level of sophistication. Super-cool patina on the inside from years of ash, this one is incredibly sexy.

"The Silhouette" can accommodate cigars, spliffs, blunts, cigarettes, and incense - the center 3-V bar will rest any size smoke! Manufactured in 1955 by Walter I. Bieger, Minneapolis. Nickel-plated Stainless Steel. Made in USA.

Artist: Arthur Salm (1904–1988): a German interned in the Dachau Concentration Camp during WWII, after surviving Dachau he immigrated to the United States in the 1930s, and in 1952 formed Arthur Salm Inc. in Chicago.

“Arthur Salm models specially designed for you. Stainless steel tableware, elegantly designed, combining high-grade woods and the best Swedish 18/8 chrome-nickel steel, best workmanship, of pleasing form yet useful, robust and long-lasting. Proof of our principle: style and usefulness.”

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